Monday, July 9, 2012

A Week of Family:

We got to spend all last week with out of town family. I don't ever feel like I can summarize weeks like this past one very well. So many great moments and so much emotion it is hard to communicate with words. Lots of picture help a little bit and a good ol' fashioned highlights list help as well. 

- Meeting Bethany's boyfriend, Jeff. 
- Keeping the coffee pot full at all times for Grandma
- Toddler swim
- Getting to listen to Dad preach five times.[ Challenged us with the idea of doing what we ought to do. This stage of life I am called to be the best mother and wife that I can be. Every day is full of small oughts...that make my big ought.] 
- Being uplifted by kind words of encouragement from Dad, Mom, and Grandma
- Watching Uncle David and Henry playing together
- Lunch at Barnette's, dinner at AQ, a Naturals baseball game, seeing Dad reconnect with an old classmate
- Eating breakfast at home with Mom, Dad, and Grandma
- Foot rubs with Mom

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