Thursday, July 19, 2012

Last Night:

Last night we had the McKinney's and the Beswicks over to play Phase 10. We sat around the dining room table and played cards and ate lots of cheese and cracker and chips and salsa. We laughed a lot. I lost and Jaime won. Jaime and Teresa loved using skip cards on Doug and Nathan. We were all tired, but agreed to play one more round so that Doug and Jaime could go for seven cards of one color. [That is the best phase after all]. It was just another one of those times that I feel so thankful to have such beautiful friendships with such great people.

This morning I have been trying to recover from a late night and a night of sleep with multiple interruptions. [One of those being me waking up to Doug patting my chest and him asking me if Henry was in the bed with us.]

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