Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Hard Baby:

My Mom was talking to someone at church on Sunday and she told her that Doug and I were doing a great job with Henry. Then she made the comment that he is not an easy baby. It was so comforting and validating to hear her say that. Since this is my first baby I often wonder if he is a difficult baby or if he is just being a baby. I have nothing else to compare him to. He is my one and only at the moment. My mom has had seven babies, so she has lots of babies to compare him to.

Doug made the comment that Henry was going through a seven month fussy stage. I have decided to agree with this. He has so many really really wonderful moments. Full of smiles and laughter and he brings us joy and happiness every single day. We are deeply blessed to call him our son. But each day also brings the challenges of a little guy that wants to always be moving, hates being put in his car seat and diaper changes, likes to be held standing up, cries easily, does not cuddle or sit in our laps, and continues to wake up at night and refuse naps. You can also add in that fact that this is our first baby so literally every stage we go through is totally new territory. We have never been through any of this before.

You can imagine the joy I felt when he fell asleep on my chest last week during one of the sessions during Family Camp. It also happened to be during the parenting session. I held my son in my arms overwhelmed and excited at what God has called us to do. We are called to love, cherish, guide, and parent our little one. There is nothing that makes me more excited than to think about being Henry's mom for the rest of his life. There are days that I get overwhelmed or exhausted at that thought, but I am blessed to know that I am not in this thing alone. I have the perfect partner in Doug, a loving and gracious God that gives us all that we need day in and day out, and a wide circle of family members and friends that love and support our family.


Claire @ My Devising said...

Good reminder. Even though there are challenges, it certainly is an honor to get to be a mom. :)

Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

So sweet, Danae.

Ashley P. said...

Danae - I totally understand where you're coming from. Caeden has always been difficult (even as a 1 week old) and it took me a long time to realize that for the same reason. My mom (who has 6 kids) has made the same comment about Caeden being difficult - which is comforting to know you're not just imagining it. One day, I remember crying to God over Caeden not napping and his continual fussiness, and I remember the Holy Spirit saying to me, "Anyone can be a mom to an easy baby. Not everyone can be a mom to a 'hard baby.' I specifically chose YOU for Caeden because I knew you could handle it." Still, at the age of 3, I wake up every morning depending on God's strength, and knowing He WILL equip me for this job he has chosen me for. Thanks for your candidness in this post!