Friday, June 15, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Played in our hallway a lot. Little one is crawling all around the house now so the hallway is a great place to play. Long and skinny with no corners to bump his head on.
- Finished reading The Posionwood Bible (Next up, The Great Gatsby)
- Ate brunch at a neighbors house
- Spent a day at the lake with the kitchen crew for the summer. We enjoyed a beautiful boat ride and a delicious steak dinner.
- Watched two OKC Thunder play off our home! Thanks for finally having the games on network t.v.
- Hosted a small group tea party at our house for my group of girls.
- Made some salsa
- Doug got a new part for his dirt bike...but it is still not running. Lots of frustrations with that old thing. Hoping to get it running again soon.
- Had a fussy baby for a lot of the week. Lots of crying and refusing to take naps. (not again!) I keep saying it is teething to help me feel like there is an actual reason for the fussiness. I have also now had two separate dreams where I go in to get Henry in the morning and he has two little teeth in his mouth. If only that dream would come true.
- Went to Sam's to buy 10 gallons of ice-cream for camp
- Helped post payments after registration for summer camp.
- Ate pizza at our favorite place in town.
- Managed to make it through the week with spotty water pressure. They are trying to fix our water pump, but in the meantime we have to cross our fingers and hope to have water every time we turn on the faucet, start the laundry, or run the dishwasher. The country life, ya'll.


sarah said...

ahh. I love that he loves the hallway. sweet, sweet memories!

KillerB said...

How did you like the Poisonwood Bible?