Friday, June 8, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Worked on the baby book.
- Rejoiced because baby Fletcher is home now.
- One night I swallowed my vitamins weird. To which I googled, "what to do when you swallow your vitamins weird". Thank the Lord for Google! [For the record you are suppose to keep drinking water and eat applesauce or yogurt]
- Ate a frozen pizza and watched Arrested Development at 10:00 at night.
- Went to find Maxwell in the garage and could not find him anywhere. Then I started to hear a noise in the car and found him curled up in the seat. Note to self: remember to close all the car doors.
- Had pizza night with the kitchen staff.
- Ate dinner outside for the Western theme meal.
- Enjoyed this awesome weather. We would be fine with 80 degree days all summer.
- Cheered on the OKC Thunder...we made it to the finals! During the last game of the series we were down by a lot and were playing horribly, the entire room watched Henry scoot across the floor because that was much more fun to watch. Thankfully, they got their act together and the last half of the game was much more entertaining to watch.
- I finished To Kill a Mockingbird. I enjoyed it much more this time than when I was forced to read it in high school.

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Ashley said...

You read one of your books! I haven't read "To Kill a Mockingbird" since high school - I should definitely give it another shot! And I love that story about Maxwell - so cute!