Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our Summer Days:

6:00 am - Henry wakes up and starts making noise in his crib. Doug brings him to me in bed as he heads off to work. I nurse him. Henry and I both fall back to sleep.
8:00 am - I get woken up by a little hand grabbing my face or scratching my chest. Lay in bed together as long as he allows.
8:30 am - We play in the living room with our favorite toy balls and metal bucket and other various toys. I redirect him from the wood stove about eight hundred times.
9:00 am - I make my breakfast and coffee
9:30 am - Time to feed the little one. Usually a combination of applesauce, bananas, and oatmeal.
10:00 am - Nurse and then attempt for a morning nap, watch Price is Right
10:30 am - Mid morning check up call from Doug (my favorite)
12:00 pm - Henry wakes up from nap, we get dressed and changed
12:45 pm - Lunch down at camp. Lots of smiles and arm flapping upon seeing Dad at work. Sits in his high chair for about half the meal and then is over it. Never over those awesome red cups though. 
1:30 pm - Play in our whale pool on the front porch. 
2:00 pm - Dry off, eat some veggies, nurse again 
2:15 pm - Afternoon nap attempt
4:00 pm - Wake up from nap and try to make it to 5:00. Toys, books, walks, pool again, whatever works.
5:00 pm - Dinner in the dining hall again. Repeat the smiles and arm flapping and red cup loving.
5:45 pm - Load Henry up in the stroller and go for a walk. He usually nods of to sleep for a quick evening nap.
6:30 pm - Watch Wheel of Fortune, nurse, eat some more veggies
7:30 pm - Go down to camp to pick Dad up from work. 
8:00 pm - Bath time, book reading time, and play time with Dad
8:30 pm - Bed time for Henry, Recovering time for Mom and Dad
10:00 pm - Head to bed room to read 
10:30 pm - Turn on David Letterman and fall asleep
2:00 am - Hear Henry stirring in his room. Wait to see if he puts himself back to sleep. If not go in for the pacifier reinsert
4:00 am - Repeat what happened at 2:00 am 

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Jeran said...

I'd liked reading what it's like for a mom with a baby close to my baby's age. Hour by hour. : ) you have very long days! Our days are also very similar in some ways. Always tiring but happy huh?