Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Four Snacks:

Last night we did not have a very big dinner. I was hungry right after I finished eating. Later in the evening I told Doug I was hungry and asked him if he wanted a snack. He said yes...so we ate some pickles. I was still hungry. So I asked him if he wanted another snack, he said yes. So I made some popcorn. I was still hungry so we had chips and salsa. Then to finish off our snack marathon we had cookies and milk. I think this might be a perfect example of how hungry a breastfeeding mom can be when the temperature is triple digits.


Claire @ My Devising said...

Um, this is exactly how I've been lately. Most nights I have 2 dinners. It's crazy but I hardly ever feel full! Glad to know 4 snacks is acceptable. :)

Teresa and Nathan McKinney said...

Did you make your own pickles. If so, I need the recipe, if not where did you buy them? : )