Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Date Night:

A while ago, Doug asked me if I would want to go to the Bon Iver show in Tulsa. I immediately said yes, and we bought the tickets. We knew that the show was the day before camp started, but we did not realize that the show would be at the end of a very very long week. One of those weeks where Doug worked well over 80 hours.

We drove to Tulsa on Saturday after breakfast. Ate lunch with Doug's mom. Went back to her house and attempted to take naps. Henry decided he did not want to take a nap, so no one slept until Grandma stepped in and offered to take Henry for a walk. Everyone got a nap during that time, except for Grandma.

Doug and I headed downtown for dinner at Yokozuna. We shared sushi rolls and spring rolls. We talked about the best guitar players of all time. Doug guessed four of the top five. We got coffee at the adjoining coffee shop and walked half a mile to the Brady theater.

The Brady might be my new favorite venue. [You get to sit down!] And this crowd was great and let us do that,except for two songs. The Staves were the opening act. They nearly put me right to sleep with their beautiful harmonies and British accents. Bon Iver  was perfect.

We followed the OKC Thunder game on our phones throughout the show. We won! And when they came back out to play an encore Justin was sporting a OKC hat. He sure knows how to win over an audience.

It was a perfect date.


Ashley said...

80 hours?! I cannot imagine that, but Doug is such a hard worker!

Anyway, what a fun date night! Sushi and Bon Iver sounds like a pretty good combination. And a theater where you can sit down... amazing.

Mom Keena said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I love Karen's video on Henry. So glad she gets to babysit for you.