Friday, May 25, 2012

This Past Week We:

- I made my first quilt. It is not perfect, but I did it. Doug was the perfect cheerleader and even helped me thread my machine and wind some bobbins. I don't really enjoy trying new things, because I am always scared I am just going to get frustrated and fail. This quilt stretched me in good ways and Doug told me it warmed his heart to see me using my sewing machine that he got me several years ago.
- Henry rode in the grocery cart seat for the first time. He loved it and was rather sad when I took him out and put him in his car seat. At dinner the same night he sat in a high chair.
- Had a girl's night at one of the staffs house. Her family live in town in this awesome house.
- Played Draw Something late into the night
- Cheered on the OKC Thunder.
- Had a staff pool party, which most people forgot about. And the water was too cold for us. But we did enjoy sitting outside by the pool and talking with other families.
- We watched We Bought a Zoo


Ashley said...

Congrats on finishing the quilt! And I'm so glad you put that sewing machine to good use :) I know exactly what you mean about it challenging you... I feel like every time I sew something it takes 10 times longer than I expected and it can be so frustrating... but it's always worth it!

KillerB said...

What a beautiful quilt! Good job, Danae.

Mom Keena said...

You made a quilt? In a week? That's awesome. Would you please send it to me? It's snowing here today. And I'm cold. Thanks!