Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ages and Stages 5 month old:

Each phase and stage of parenting will have great things and hard things. I pray that Doug and I will always be able to delight in the highs of each stage and have patience and endurance to make it through the lows. The great and the-not-so-great of Henry as a 5 month old.

- Not mobile yet. You put him in one place and the only thing he will be able to do is scoot or roll around in a circle. No baby proofing or chasing a crawler or walker around just yet.
- The smiles, laughs, and bright eyes when he sees you
- Likes car rides and does not mind being in his car seat
- Cuddles and lays in bed with you in the morning
- Knows mom and dad from other people.
- His facial expressions

- Teething
- Nap time battles
- Shots
- Losing that darn pacifier in the middle of the night and not being coordinated enough to put it back in

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