Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The First 6 Months:

Things we have learned the past 6 months:

- We are the best parents for our son. We don't know it all. We won't be perfect. But we were created to parent him. And he was created to be parented by us.
- It is a team effort. Team Castle has to work together and communicate with each other to make sure all of our needs are being met.
- Babies do learn how to nap...eventually.
- It might sound bad, but there were things that I dreaded when it comes to being a parent. I have learned that most of those things that I dreaded are really not that bad. The diapers, the waking up in the middle of the night, getting shots, going grocery shopping, etc. You just take it as it comes. You can't start thinking about it all at once.
- Henry is a little human, who has bad days, gets cranky, and has preferences. Just like me...and every other human. On those days he just needs extra love and patience. Just like I do when I am having those 'off' days.
- It is okay to lay in bed until 9:00 am drifting in and out of sleep together...that might be the only cuddling I get from the constantly-in-movement little guy all day.
- Breastfeeding is hard...for me at least. But it is worth it. And, only 6 more months to go!
- Watching Doug love and care for Henry make me love him even more and in some many new and different ways.
- I have to take care of myself in order to be the best mom for Henry that I can be. I need to eat breakfast, breathe deeply, spend time in the Word, take a shower, and go on walks.
- Sometimes you just have to load up the car and go for a drive.
-  I had always heard parents talk about how great it is being a parent. I never understood what they meant until now for obvious reasons. The love grows, the worries and concerns are there, the smiles and laughs seriously melt your heart, and it is truly the best and the hardest thing I have ever done.
- It gets easier having the baby sleep in their own room. It will take longer than one night to adjust to the change..but it does get easier.
- Take lots of pictures and videos. And then back those things up. Just in case your laptop decides to die. Not like we would know anything about that. (Thank the Lord I rarely delete pictures from our memory cards and we have thousands of pictures on our cell phones.)
- Those first few months are so hard. But it does get easier. Thank the Lord!
- Eyeliner helps hide sleepy eyes.
- Bananas stain.
- You have to be intentional with the time you have after the baby is in bed for the night. If not, you will think you are constantly in need of a date night and lacking good conversation. Play a game, talk, flirt, and cuddle. It fills your love cup.

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cakeandgreenbeans said...

Let me just say... you have no idea just how badly this new mom needed to read that. In fact, I think I'll read it again.