Friday, April 27, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Henry and I attended a ladies retreat. He had his first boat ride, took an awesome nap, and got passed around to all the ladies. I ate some of the best salmon I have ever had, shared a bed with Teresa, and enjoyed some great conversations.
- Went to a consignment sale and got some new clothes for Henry.
- Ate dinner in town with friends at our favorite local pizza place
- Made breakfast hobo's for dinner at the Palmer's house
- Celebrated Ms.Connie's birthday by going to the Cafe for some hot chai and then to the movie theater to see The Lucky One (the house in the movie is beautiful)
- Had lots of nap time battles. One was so brutal I had to go take a bubble bath after he finally fell asleep to reboot and recharge.
- Enjoyed a quiet evening at home together which consisted of decaf coffee, peanut butter cookies, comedies on NBC, Phase 10, and a foot rub.
- We have been following Fletcher and praying for him and his parents daily.

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