Friday, April 20, 2012

Grandpa Hale:

Henry Edward, Claude Edward, Douglas Edward
I was only his granddaughter for almost 4 years, but during those 4 years I have several memories I will always treasure. You can imagine that Doug has even more memories and stories since he was his grandson for 26 years.

- I remember going out to his house for the first time with Doug. We had BBQ from a local restaurant, helped him repair a roof on his garage, and talked about what I believed. He wanted to make sure that this girl that was dating his grandson believed what he believed.

- Best hugger ever. In fact, I think Doug might have been given his awesome hugging skills from Grandpa.

- This past year on Doug's birthday, Grandpa and Grandma Linda drove over to take us out to lunch. On the drive to the restaurant Grandma asked us where we got Henry's name from. As Doug explained that we named him Henry after Doug's Dad's Dad and then we used the middle name Edward after him, we could see tears coming to his eyes in the rear view mirror.

- He loved sharing stories, giving wisdom, and showed his love for his family every time we were around him. He had a deep faith and was always very concerned about those that were not living God honoring lives.

- When I was pregnant with Henry he sent me a chapter from a book that he had photo copied on pregnancy nutrition. I think the book must have been at least 20 years old.I remember smiling so big when I opened the letter. He was always so thoughtful.

- My last memory of him outside of the hospital room was the night before he had his stroke. He came to our fundraising banquet in Tulsa. After the program ended I went to the bathroom. When I came back into the room he was standing up holding Henry in his arms. A huge, beautiful smile on his face. So happy and content to have his great-grandson in his arms.

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Ashley said...

This nearly made me cry and I never met Grandpa Hale. It sounds like he was such a wonderful man. Prayers for you and Doug during this hard time. We love you guys!