Monday, April 23, 2012

5 months:

Laughs when you cough, cry, tickle his belly, and kiss his neck
Loves to stare at hands and grab your face
Sucks on his toes
We have added an early morning (4 or 5 am) feeding, which I think is our new normal until we start solids at 6 months
Decided he does not like naps. Which has resulted in many nap time battles throughout the day.
Has discovered Maxwell. He laughs louder and longer when Maxwell is around him than any other time.
Loves to give open mouth "kisses"
Chews on everything...blankets, his toy giraffe, wash clothes, our shoulders
Has a new cousin Fletcher Castle

[Fun Fact: Henry has celebrated his monthly birthday in 5 different places, including 4 different states. Month 1: Bozeman, Montana, Month 2: at camp, Month 3: Tulsa, Oklahoma, Month 4: Fort Walton, Florida, Month 5: Bella Vista, Arkansas. We must like traveling the same time every month!]

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