Friday, March 16, 2012

This Past Week We:

- I attended a Bridal Shower for our good friend, Cheryl. We are so excited for her to marry Justin and move to camp.
- Went to church, had lunch out, shopped at Target for our upcoming trip, and made it home in time to take naps.
- Doug filled out a March Madness bracket. I forgot. And then we watched some basketball games.
- I made baked chicken nuggets with yummy dipping sauces [spicy ketchup and honey mustard]
- A couple from church came over and shared about an upcoming move
- Had a late night girls hang out. I got a text from Teresa at 10:30 pm saying that her and Lauren were hanging out and I could come over if I wasn't already asleep. I had not yet gone to bed, so I drove over and we laughed and talked until 1:00 am. I love living here with them.
- Went to go get a new part for the dirt bike, shop did not have the part, so we ended up at Sam's to make the trip worthwhile. We also had Taco Buneo on the ride home so that really made the trip worth it.
- Played volleyball and ate pizza with friends here at camp. We had to enjoy the weather and that was the perfect way to do so.
- Someone learned how to roll from the back to their stomach this week. Pretty adorable.

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