Friday, March 9, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Spent a lot of time in bed. Doug and I both had nasty colds for the majority of the week. Doug kept working as much as he was able and I stayed in bed as much as I was able. It was the weirdest sickness. We all three had the exact same sickness. To the point where all three of our left nostrils were way more congested and stuffed up then our right. Crazy, huh?
- Henry has decided he does not like taking naps. This has made for an interesting/stressful week of trying to get him to sleep during the day and try to have him sleep longer than 20 minutes before he wakes up crying.
- We have had 180 college students here from Truman State volunteering for the week. They have been a huge help around camp. It has been fun getting to know some of these students. Henry is pretty popular with the ladies. Some even refer to him as their BFF. It is pretty cute.
- Had a late night Braums date. After Doug got off work we drove into town for a treat. I drove because Doug was so tired for his long day at work. I never drive with Doug in the car so whenever I do I get strangely nervous. This time my nervousness resulted in me going into second gear instead of fourth on the highway. Oops!
- I did three loads of laundry of clothes from our skit closet here at camp. It was an entertaining three loads to wash and fold.
- Doug competed in a chicken nugget eating contest.

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