Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Global Family:

My dad just got back from speaking at a conference in Costa Rica. Someone posted this picture on his facebook that was at the conference. I love this picture. It shows my dad doing two things he loves. Teaching the word of God and traveling and seeing different parts of the world. We have had a 'Keena' on every continent (except Antarctica). The countries that have been traveled by one of us include,Canada, Northern Ireland, Ireland, Italy, England, Germany, Netherlands, China, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Liberia, Ghana, Colombia, Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, Honduras, and Mexico. (Mom, which ones am I missing?) My parents have done an excellent job at exposing us to other cultures and showing us that we can make an impact on our world even when we live in the U.S.

My parents almost went into the mission field full-time when I was a child. Through a series of events they realized that they were not called to live full-time internationally. They did not let this stop them from making a global impact. They have continually found ways to serve and travel. I hope this is something that Doug and I are able to teach our children. I hope that we do not let fear, lack of money, lack of time or any other reason to stand in the way of going and serving the Lord outside of our home in America and exposing our children to other parts of the world.


Mom Keena said...
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Mom Keena said...

Peru, Kenya, Austria.