Monday, February 13, 2012

The Weekend:

Doug works a lot. The majority of the weekends in a year you will find him working and serving the guests that are here. He loves what he does and I love that he is fulfilled and so good at his job. It is such a satisfying thing. Now that we have a child in the picture we are talking through what our family times will look like and the balance between work and family life. His boss is doing an excellent job at making sure that Doug has enough time at home. This past weekend his boss made him take the whole weekend off. And it was pretty perfect.

We slept in, drank lots of coffee, went to some dirt bike stores, ate lunch at Jimmy John's, had friends over and ate gourmet cupcakes all the way from New York City, went to church, ate lunch with our shepherd group from church, attempted to take a nap but baby boy did not want to cooperate, snuggled on the couch,  watched the Grammy's, and attended a surprise dance birthday party. 

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Mom Keena said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. So glad you get some good family time in the midst of camp living!