Friday, February 24, 2012

This Past Week We [Family Edition] :

- We spent several days soaking up family time. Doug's brother and wife live in California and his sister and her husband live in Virginia. We don't get to see each other very often so every time we are all together it is such a treat. This time was even more special with two baby boys and one baby on the way.
- Had sibling date night with their cousin and her husband. Enjoyed playing arcade games together and listening to the waitress talk about how much Doug and Greg resemble each other.
- Watched old family movies and thumbed through old photo albums. [They inspire me to do a good job of documenting our family life].
- Enjoyed lazy mornings, conversations around the breakfast table, and some family favorite food.
- Took turns passing and holding the babies.
- Two different evenings full of extended family. Loved watching Grandpa feed Henry and rock him to sleep.
- Girls shopping trip and lunch out while the boys stayed home and watched the babies
- Laughed. a lot. [as usual]
- So so blessed by such wonderful moments together.It is hard having family spread all across the country but it does make you so much more grateful for the times together.

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