Friday, January 27, 2012

This Past Week We:

-Went to the doctor for the dreaded two month check-up and first round of shots. Henry screamed before she had even given him any shots. Good thing breast milk is a miracle drug and he immediately calmed down as soon as I was able to feed him.
-Doug went out of town for a night for a Food Henry and I were alone for the first time overnight. I think we handled it okay. Frozen food and girl movies helped me get by. We were both pretty happy to have him back home. Dad helps out a lot.
- I made homemade taco seasoning and chocolate and oatmeal cookies.
- Ate dinner at Justin's house.
- Had one of the girls that worked in the kitchen last year over for dinner. We caught up on her life and she got to meet Henry for the first time. It is one of those relationships that we hope to always have for her sake and ours. There are times when we are talking with her that Doug and I get a glimpse into what it will be like to have teenagers.
- The fancy restaurant in town is closing and we got a gift certificate there for Christmas that we needed to use up. Nathan and Teresa and Justin joined us for a fun meal out. Even though they did not have half of their menu available and our poor waitress said that pretty much everyone that is coming in is using up gift certificates or coupons.
- Started doing our taxes
- Doug continues to make his case for a dirt bike. Which involves him giving me this certain look, spending hours on-line trying to find the perfect bike, and crunching numbers to see if and when we would be able to afford one.
- We started using cloth diapers. Now that Henry is a bit bigger they fit him better and I am not so sleep deprived so washing them is not nearly as intimidating. So far, so good!

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