Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Seven Week Update:

- We took a trip to Montana. It included four flights which he did great on all of them.
- The crying has eased up a bit. At least now I feel like we are able to calm him down easier.
- He has outgrown clothes and diapers. He looks older to me too. Babies really do grow fast.
- It has gotten easier. And, dare I say, I think it gets a bit easier every day. I know that there are still a lot of hurdles and obstacles ahead of us, but the thought of being his mother forever is not as overwhelming as it once was.
- He still eats like a champ. And we are working on the whole napping thing.
- We went to church for the first time. He drew quite a crowd at the end of the service.
- He coos and talks constantly while he is doing tummy time.
- He has smiled at us since he was born...but his smiles are getting much bigger and brighter. He is also smiling as a result of us talking and tickling him now...not just a random smile here and there.
- I had one of those moments where I really felt like a mom. I was worried because he was not sleeping very much throughout the day. I worried that he was sick or that something was bothering him. Then he fell asleep for three hours. Then I started to worry because he was sleeping too long. I worried that he was sick or that something was bothering him. I stopped myself in my thoughts and realized that this is what being a mother is. Worrying and then talking myself down and realizing that he is fine. He is totally fine.

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Bethany Keena said...

love this, momma Nae. what a beautiful post. i guess children really are a gift from God, huh? :)