Thursday, January 19, 2012

Last Night We:

- Dropped Henry off at Grandma's house for our first real night out without him
- Met up with lots of fun people for dinner [McKinneys, Odoms, Goodriches, Jones's, Future Metcalfe's, Andrea, Alex, Mindy, Rhett, and Jennifer] at Joe Momma's Pizza.
- Ordered a Buffalo Chicken pizza and ate the whole thing
- Walked in the cold to Cain's Ballroom
- Listened to beautiful music by The Staves and The Civil Wars
- Enjoyed the wonderful company of such fun people
- Ran into Hanna and Emily at the concert
- Picked up the Henry from Grandma's house
- Stopped at QT on the way home for a hot drink and doughnuts
- Fell into bed at 1:23 am exhausted but so happy from a wonderful night out with friends

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Mom Keena said...

Sounds like a great night. How did Henry and Karen do? I'm so glad she is there for you all.