Saturday, December 31, 2011

11 Things to do in 2011 Recap:

Well, we failed miserably this year at our accomplishing our list of things to do. I think it might be because we focused a lot of time, energy, and resources onto growing the little guy and then welcoming him into the world. Good thing this is just something fun we like to do every year. There are no penalties for not completing the list!

The things we did do:
Visit Greg and Beth in California 
Mailed Birthday cards to almost all family members

So, as I said earlier we failed miserably.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011:

 This year for Christmas we flew to Montana to celebrate with my huge family. We had a perfectly relaxing time with some of our very favorite people. I think Henry had a great time meeting his grandparents, great grandparents, lots of aunts and uncles, and his three cousins!

Some Christmas highlights were having Granny and Grandpa there with us, watching Henry sleep, taking family pictures together, eating throughout the entire day, watching the younger siblings open their gifts, mom opening her gifts that she bought for herself, watching dad open his present from Bethany, and Doug saying that he would not smile when he opened the next present and it happened to be the Smile album by the Beach Boys.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Party:

We had a Christmas party here at camp last night. We helped plan the party this year and I think it is safe to say it was a success. We had close to 120 people there, a rockin' photo booth, great prizes, Mr.David told the Christmas story, a hilarious game of musical chair with the kids, and a really hott host. [Doug was the host as you can tell by his sweet jacket]

The highlight of the night was the food. It was honestly my favorite meal all year. Justin made homemade ravioli, Lauren made the best green beans and potato casserole, Teresa made my favorite salad, and the turkey was absolutely perfect.

We had such a fun time together as a community during this wonderful time of the year. Again, it was another wonderful reminder of how very blessed we are.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Late Night Adventure:

Two nights before Henry was born I was in a funk. In fact, I was in a funk for about the last week of my pregnancy. I told Doug that I wanted to go do something that we would not be able to do easily once we had our baby. This thought led us to the new Waffle House in town at 10:30 at night. We relived the moments back before we were even dating when we would drive to Waffle House late at night and study together. We ate cheap food. We followed a football game on Doug's phone. We enjoyed watching the different types of people that decided they need to be at Waffle House late at night. It was the perfect little late night adventure.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This Past Week We:

- Took super fast family pictures for our Christmas letter.
- We received the She & Him Christmas album...It has already gotten lots of plays on the ol' record player.
- Spent a lot of time watching movies and t.v. shows on our couch bed
- We went on a two day retreat with the rest of the camp staff. It was a good practice run for our week long trip to see my parents for Christmas. It was not much of a retreat for us...but I am glad we went. We were surrounded by people who have all been in our same situation.We received lots of love and encouragement when the little one would not stop screaming. We were all very happy to be back at home in our own beds.
- Ate at a fun local hamburger place. Cheeseburgers, french fries, and root beer were made for each other.
- My sister and her family came over for an evening. They brought their new baby boy who is only five days older than our baby boy.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thoughts on the First Two Weeks:

We have been parents for a little over two weeks now. Here are some thoughts:

- The way Doug loves the little one brings me so much encouragement...especially when I am tired and frustrated. And I did not know if it was even possible for me to love Doug more...and then I had his baby.
- My nine month pregnancy was way easier on me physically and emotionally than the past two weeks post pregnancy. I think I am finally making some improvements in feeling like a human again.
- I still forget sometimes that I am not pregnant anymore. It is still weird to look down and not have a huge belly sticking out.
- Henry has the most beautiful eyes. Those sweet eyes have helped get me through so much.
- We have been so blessed with wonderful people bringing us dinner. It really does help to not have to think about the little things like what to eat for dinner.
- I think I need four more hands.
- The past two weeks have truly been the best and the hardest two weeks of my life. Funny how that can happen.
- Doug and I laugh a lot together...these days we laugh at our sweet boy and his funny facial expressions
- I thought I knew a lot about babies, and then I had one of my own. There are so many times throughout the day when Doug and I are standing looking at each other trying to figure out what to do. I love knowing that this is what all first time parents go through and I love being part of Team Castle. We are figuring each other day at a time.
- The cold weather makes it super easy to stay at home and cuddle all day and night.
- We are so so happy our baby boy is here and with us in our home.