Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 38:

- We are going to the doctor every week now. Our doctor is super laid back and is great at avoiding unnecessary exams and procedures. We love having a doctor that we trust and is so good to just let the baby call the shots and decide when it is time to come. At the last appointment he told us that the baby has caught up in size. Way to go, babe!
- We were about 10 minutes late to our childbirth class this week...someone told us later that they thought that maybe we were in labor.
- I could have this baby any moment now. Or in 3 three weeks. It is a little difficult making plans.
- I finally packed some stuff for the hospital. I kept putting it off just because I don't want to add to the mental anticipation that it could happen any moment when really statistically we still have several weeks to go.
- I am getting a little tired of total strangers telling me that I am about to pop and telling me that they just know that it is a boy or that there is no way it is not a girl. So far, that has been the worst part of not knowing if we are having a boy or a girl.
- I think my body is finally getting a little tired of carrying around 30 extra pounds. My hips and back sure do ache at night.
- The other night I sat on the floor and read from one of my childbirth books to Doug. We are getting prepped and ready for game time. We are going to make a great team.


KillerB said...

I can't wait!!

Mom Keena said...

You ARE going to make a great team! I know you will all three take care of each other perfectly. That makes my heart rest in knowing that Baby Castle's birth will be wonderfully orchestrated!