Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Past Week We:

1. Talked about marriage with a couple that is getting married this weekend. They needed to interview a couple that has been married 3-5 years for their pre-marital counseling so we met in a coffee shop and talked about our marriage. It might have been one of my most favorite conversations we have ever had. I loved hearing Doug's insights and perspectives on our marriage. I walked out of the coffee shop even more in love with my husband.
2. Watched some football at our neighbors house.
3. Baked some banana bread and muffins. I had my little dog helper at my feet the whole time. Soon it will be my little child helper at my feet.
4. Went to Lowe's and bought a new water filter, a diaper pail, and hand soap.
5. One of Doug's friend from high school came over with her family for a visit. We walked around camp and looked at all the nature and then visited in our home.
6. We played Sequence with dear friends Justin and Cheryl. The girls won [no matter what the boys might tell you] and we might have inhaled two bags of microwave popcorn.
7. Enjoyed another Braum's chocolate milkshake
8. Worked a very busy weekend with lots of people wanting to eat lots of food.

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Mom Keena said...

Sounds like a fine week. Were you able to use up all of your bananas? :)