Thursday, November 17, 2011

39 Weeks:

- Baby keeps getting lower and lower. And bigger and bigger. Which really I am okay with. I don't feel as big as I look, thankfully.

- We finished our birth classes. The last part of class was taking a tour of the hospital. It was a pretty crazy feeling standing in the room thinking that in only a few short weeks or maybe days we will be back in there but we will be back there because I will be in labor...not just there to take a tour.

- I had my first pregnancy breakdown. I called Doug because I could not get the fire started. He came home to help and found me in the floor weeping, staring into our wood stove. It is hard to start a fire when the wood is not seasoned very well. But really I was crying because I just want to hold our baby and we don't know when that will be. Thankfully we don't have to know and really we are okay with waiting until the baby is ready. It is not my decision to make. Doug hugged me, made me breakfast, and reassured me that everything is going to be okay. And thankfully, I am fully aware that my feelings and emotions are a little overloaded at the moment.

- My sister had her baby now our sweet little one has two newborn friends to meet once he/she makes the grand entrance. Baby Devan and Baby Libby.

- Anytime we are a few minutes late people assume that we are having our baby.

- We had to ask our doctor some silly questions, but since it is our first time at this whole thing we really had no idea. He was great and did not make us feel silly for asking "So who do we actually call once we are in labor?" and "What exactly is that phone number?" and "Where do we go to check-in?"

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Mom Keena said...

There are no silly questions...only silly people that don't ask what they need to know!