Thursday, October 27, 2011

Week 36:

- This past week we started our childbirth classes. We might have laughed our way through the entire class. It is hard to practice breathing through a contraction, in a room full of strangers, with a funny husband over your shoulder whispering funny things. Next week might be even worse. We are suppose to wear comfortable clothes that we can easily move around in so we can practice different labor positions. We might get kicked out of the class.
- I realized that I was nesting after I looked around the kitchen and saw all the cupboards open, food items all over the counters and table, and walked into our laundry room and found it in the same state. I am glad I enjoy organizing things anyways.
- I am still feeling good, thankfully. I would like to thank water consumption, walks, hot baths, and massages for making this possible.
- We received our cloth diapers in the mail today. I spent a long time watching You Tube videos on how to use them, practiced stuffing them, and got them pre-washed.

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