Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 33 & 34:

- We painted the nursery, ordered our crib and changing table, assembled both, hung up pictures and shelves, and it is really starting to look like a real room.
- We ordered our glider, which we decided we are going to put in our living room. We will see how we like it there, we figure we will use it way more if it is in the living room. After all, it is our favorite place to be. And we can move it easily enough if we don't like it in the living room.
- Doug worked on the labor play list. I listened to it one night while I was falling asleep. I only heard about three songs and then I was out. So it is pretty relaxing, only time will tell if it is relaxing enough to keep my calm during labor.
- Some days I am excited and ready for labor. I feel good about the preparations I have made and I feel ready. Then the next day I am terrified and worried. Not confident, scared that I can't do it, etc. Oh, the crazy range of feelings you feel during pregnancy.
- An old man told me that I looked like I was going to have twins. When I told him we were only having one, he responded by saying "your going to have a real bruiser". Thanks old man.
- We attended our first baby and children consignment sale. There were a lot of people, thousands of adorable outfits, and rooms full of baby stuff. We spent $50.00 for $230.00 worth of baby gear. Thanks baby sales.
- I bought some eggs and looked down at the expiration date, November 23. Our due date. Which is only a few weeks away.


Mom Keena said...

What old man would ever say you were going to have a bruiser. Next time, tell him you'll give him a shiner if he doesn't take that back! I think you look adorable, and I think Baby Castle will be just perfect!

So glad you are getting things done. You will do fine! No first time mom knows exactly what to expect. You can expect it to be different from anything you've ever done before! And you can definitely expect it to be more awesome than anything you've ever done before! Besides, you've got the great husband-guy to help you through it all. Just keep thinking about that precious gift you'll have after all that work!

I love you three!

Bethany Keena said...

My favorite is that the expiration date on the eggs is your due close! I'm hoping to be arrive Wed night and leave Monday night. Will keep you posted on the details. :) Mwah!

Ashley said...

I can't believe the baby will be here so soon! Craaazy. I hope he/she isn't a real bruiser (whatever that means?!)

Sad you guys couldn't make it to Norman pre-baby :( We miss you!