Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week 30 and 31

- People keep telling me..."You have really popped" I think I might agree with them.
- We told one of Doug's employees what names we were thinking about and they clearly did not like the names we were leaning towards. So they decided to give us their suggestion...Megan Michelle. I think we will stick with our ideas.  
- I woke up one night with a stomach ache, went to the bathroom, threw everything up, and was given a brief reminder of that first trimester. I don't think baby liked what I ate that day. 
- Doug had a very vivid dream that we had a boy. We passed him around, his name was Henry, and we were thrilled with our little boy. Girl dream = 1 Boy dream = 1 
- I am nervous to be to far away from a bottle of Tums
- We have decided on a paint color for the nursery...Wheat Bread is the name. 
- 9 (ish) weeks to go....seriously? I can hardly believe it. 
- Thank You Old Navy for making the most comfortable maternity leggings and yoga pants. You make my time at home so much more enjoyable. 


Mom Keena said...

A boy dream? Oh, now that confuses things! I think you do look a bit popped! But remember, in 9 1/2 weeks, Doug can help you carry that Baby Castle. Love you three!

Ashley said...

You HAVE really popped! You look amazing :)