Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Past Week We:

1. We missed not being able to see little brother and sister go to Homecoming. At least we have this really great picture of them together.
2. I started to make some homemade bread that you were suppose to let rise for 18 hours. It is still sitting on our counter...and let's just say 18 hours has passed about 5 times since I orginally made the dough.
3. Watched OU beat Missouri and other football games on Sunday
4. Ate pizza, watched football, and toured their nursery with Jon and Emily
5. Saw Greg and Beth for about 3 hours in Tulsa.
6. Worked a lot...a whole lot.
7. Took an evening walk that took every ounce of my energy and strength to get back home. I thought Doug was going to have to carry me home.
8. Walked outside one afternoon to find our director of the camp soaked and the riding lawn mower totally submerged in the creek. Everyone got a good laugh.
9. I bought a bookshelf at Salvation Army. I told them I would be back later that afternoon to pick it up. Went back later, and they had sold the bookshelf to someone else. Lesson learned...make sure they put a sold tag on the item while I am still in the store.

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Mom Keena said...

So what happened with your bread? That seems like an awful long time to rise...did it? Mwah!