Thursday, September 8, 2011

Parents Visit:

My parents came to visit for a few days over Labor Day. I love having them around. We were able to squeeze in a lot over the short time they were here. We had hot fudge sundaes at Barnett's, went to church, had a baby shower, went to the mall, played scrabble, took a hike, and talked. We talked a lot. I love hearing about their life in Bozeman and I think they love hearing about our life here. I also enjoyed picking my mother's brain of all of her knowledge on labor and delivery and babies. She is an expert in my opinion. It is crazy to think that the next time we see them we will have our baby in our arms. Yay! It really is not that far away!

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Ashley said...

I'm sad we did not get to see you over labor day, but I am glad you got to spend time with your parents!