Friday, September 30, 2011

32 Weeks:

- My belly keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger [as you can see]
- We made our first major baby purchase, the travel system. The one thing that we absolutely have to have in order to bring home our little one. 
- Went back to the doctor this week for a quick check-up. Everything is looking good and right on schedule. The next appointment we are talking through our birth plan. Are we really getting that close to delivery !?!
- We sat on the floor of the nursery the other night and decided where to put furniture. I think we have it figured out, now we just need to get that furniture. 
- I love watching Doug assemble things. Watching Doug assemble our travel system for our baby is even better. 
- All of my shirts have a small spot on the tummy from some kind of food or drink that gets dropped on it throughout the day. 

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Erin said...

You are seriously the cutest little pregnant "thang" I've ever seen! : )