Wednesday, September 7, 2011

27 and 28 Weeks:

Dear Baby,

During the past two weeks:
- We flew on an airplane, watched fireworks, walked in the ocean, and met a celebrity. That was a lot for you to experience in a short amount of time!
- You got to meet your Aunt Beth, Uncle Greg, and Grammy for the first time. They all liked you a lot I think.
- We had our first baby shower...some very sweet women at the church organized this special event. It was complete with shower games, punch in glass cups, and not one but two beautiful cakes.
- We got your high chair at our shower. It was the first piece of baby furniture that we have assembled. It is now sitting in the corner of our dining room. I know you might not use it for a while, but I like having it out because it makes me think of you.
- I had several encouraging conversations during the past few weeks where people have told me that I can do it! It is so nice to hear that encouragement. Sometimes I get a little nervous or worried because this is something that I have never ever done before. There are so many fears and unknowns. But I can rest in the fact that we can do it.  We will figure it out...together we will all figure it out.



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