Sunday, August 21, 2011

Week 25 and 26:

The past two weeks:
- I have been reading lots of books, practicing breathing techniques, and learning how to relax.
- Felt lots of kicks and turns and moves. I am now usually woken up in the morning to the sweet movements.
- Found out our Doctor is moving, not until after the birth. But still, we are pretty sad he is leaving. 
- Finally went to Lowe's to try to pick out a paint color for the nursery. Left with nothing and feeling a little bit overwhelmed at having to pick out another paint color for this new house.
- I turned 25. How old I wanted to be when we had our first child. 
-Went maternity clothes shopping for my birthday. It is nice to have some clothes that fit now.
- Bought a birthing/exercise ball
- Have fallen even more in love with this little one and pregnancy. 
It is all just so amazing. 


Erin said...

You my friend are pretty amazing. Love you friend.

Lindsey said...

That birthing ball will become your best friend. I spent hours on mine. You look so cute!