Saturday, July 30, 2011

22 & 23 weeks:

I got behind on the pictures so we will just use this one for both week 22 and 23. 

This week baby bump got to meet great grandma and great grandpa in Dallas. We enjoyed our little break away and we are so blessed to have such loving and encouraging family to support us through the next big life transition. 

Doug and I did flips in the pool together and had handstand contests, in attempt to get breech baby to flip. 
I don't think it worked. Other ideas? 

We spent many many hours registering at Buy Buy Baby. I love how many opinions Doug has on things related to the baby. He loved to pick out things and had great thoughts and certain items. He would also sneak in items that he knew I would like. I am glad that it already feels like we are a team. 

Our awesome neighbors passed down their old jogging stroller to us. It is fun to walk in the garage and see a stroller parked. I am excited to take baby on walks through the trials. 

Nothing tastes better than an iced caramel macchiato from Starbucks. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. 
In my mind she is 40. I think she will always be 40 to me. 
She has the best laugh.
She is very giving and loves finding good deals for her children.
She loves her grand babies...even the ones that are not born yet.
She is a wonderful example of the type of mom I want to be.
There are ways that I have become more like my mom the older I get.
She is the best cuddler. 
And I love talking to her about anything.
Happy Birthday Mom, You are simply the best!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Coffee Shop:

   This past weekend we spent some time away. 
We found ourselves in a coffee shop enjoying iced coffee and free wi-fi.
 Doug did a little work and I played with my new camera on my new phone.              

Friday, July 22, 2011

Spontaneous Date Night:

The other day we were laying in bed waking up from a nap. I asked Doug if he would want to go to the big city and walk around Target and spend some gift cards. We drove over and took our time looking at all kinds of things at Target and we left with only one perfect baby girl outfit. For dinner we went to Burger Life. There are so many choices it can be a bit overwhelming, but it tastes very very good. My favorite part of the conversation was when we were talking about pretty girls and hearing Doug tell me how beautiful I am to him made me blush. I like those conversations where I feel like we are just starting to date. We ended the night with dessert drinks from Starbucks. I am so blessed to have a husband that will go on spontaneous dates with me. He takes good care of me.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

21 Weeks:

This week:
- I spilled blueberry smoothie on my shirt and did not notice until Doug pointed it out to me. It was hiding under the bump.
- We went on a date to walk around Target and look at baby things...yet again. While there we found this outfit and could not leave it there. If we have a daughter, this is what she will wear home from the hospital. Yes, it does have leggings and a ruffled hoodie.
- Doug worked on the yard while I sat outside and read, Husband Coached Childbirth...I have a lot of work to do to get ready for this thing called child birth.
- Spent time with pregnant sister, Christa.It is fun to think that our little one will have a cousin so close in age. Possibly only a week a part. We talked about maternity clothes, nursery's, and baby names.
- Doug's new nickname for me is tugboat.
- I found the chips in the refrigerator instead of the pantry. Even though I really really thought that I put them away in the pantry.

Friday, July 15, 2011

10 Summers Part II:

2006: We were both on staff together again. I worked in the canteen and he was a counselor for our leadership development program. I had just gotten back from living in Illinois for the school year. We had done the super long distance thing for several months, so we were so happy to see each other everyday. We also had one of the most serious conversations about our relationship that we have ever had. At the beginning of the summer we were sitting on the swing outside the office and I really thought that he was going to end our relationship. He did not feel like he deserved me, was not sure if marriage was for him, and was processing a whole lot from his parent's divorce. I sat in silence because I knew that I was not going to be the one to utter the words of a break-up. I told him I would be patient and wait for him to come to some conclusions. Thankfully those conclusions were to continue dating. In fact...later on that summer he took me to the West 40, danced with me to my favorite music, and told me that he was falling in love with me.

2007: Was our last summer on summer staff. Doug was in a major leadership role and I was working with the leadership development campers. Our schedules were totally opposite, so we were able to spend minimal quality time together. We saw each other every day, but it was mainly just in passing. I would go to our good friends office and sit and cry/whine/complain about how I just wanted to spend time with Doug and I just wanted to be engaged. Justin listened like a champ and never gave in to tell me that Doug was working on a plan to propose to me at the end of the summer. Doug saved all his paychecks that summer to pay for ring, worked on his off time to create a beautiful gift for me, and never gave any indication of when a proposal would come.

2008: We got married in the chapel here at camp on May 11th. It was a perfect and beautiful day. We were in between jobs and moving so we were able to come and volunteer together for a week during summer camp. It felt really weird to walk to our cabin together at the end of the night as a married couple. Since so many summers before we had to give our goodbye's at our cabin doors.

2009: My dad has been the Family Camp speaker several times over the past 15 years. We all came together as one, big Keena family to Family Camp. It was a celebration of my mom's 50th birthday and a wonderful time of reliving so many memories as a family that we shared here during all those summers we came to family camp together.

2010: Doug was asked to speak during staff training. We drove over from Tulsa for the night and I listened to Doug speak at the outdoor chapel to the summer staff. In the back of my mind I sat thinking about how much this place means to us and how much we love to work here on resident staff someday. There were no possibilities, offers, or openings at the time. It was simply a thought in my mind. A few weeks later we were contacted about an unexpected job opening. And they wanted Doug to interview for the position. We came over for an interview, waited, accepted the job, and moved from our old jobs and old home to our new home and our new life. We were here for the last three weeks of summer camp.

2011: This weekend marks the one year anniversary of us making the big move and taking a big step of faith. Believing that the Lord would provide all that we needed and believing that this is where the Lord wants us to be living and serving. And this summer also marks the first time that it is not just Doug and I here at camp together..but we also have a little one growing inside. A little tiny person that we will bring home from the hospital to one of the most special places in the world to Doug and I.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

10 Summers Part I:

This summer marks Doug and I's 10th summer here at camp and our 10th summer of knowing each other. Here is a brief look back at each summer. 

2001: We met for the first time. Doug was on the ropes course island and I was standing by the silver bullet slide. My sister yelled across and said, "Doug...this is Danae". We waved at each other. Then we emptied trash cans around camp together and ate at Barnett's for the first time together. I went to Tulsa once, we watched Lloyd and played Candyland. He came and visited me once, we went bowling with my friends.

2002: We both went to camp together for two weeks. Doug told me that we were going to get married someday and that I was going to wear a hot pink dress and he was going to wear camo. A helicopter was going to carry us away. I was not into this plan at all...but I did love being friends with Doug. 

2003: We were at camp together for 4 weeks. There was a group of us sitting around talking about back-up plans. Doug asked if we were not married by the time we were 18, would I marry him. I laughed and said no. We also had a day where we matched without even planning it. He announced to the whole staff that it was a sign that we were going to get married. I went and changed my shirt and unknowingly crushed his heart. 

2004: Was our first summer together on summer staff. My family moved away and I was going through a lot of life changes. Doug would take me to the park and listen to me talk and cry, he gave the best hugs, and he would never give me more advice then I needed. He listened and let me make my own decisions. I started being extremely aware of where Doug was at all times and secretly hoped that he would be wherever I was. I started to think for the first time...maybe I do like Doug. 

2005: We started dating a few weeks before I left for the summer to work at camp. Doug decided to stay in Tulsa and work for the summer. Doug came and volunteered for two weeks and it was the best two weeks of the summer. He sent me lots of great letters and packages. He visited on the weekends. We talked about our relationship while sitting on the swing. We had our first kiss in front of the chapel. I went and told one of my good friends the next morning and she said, "You and Doug are going to get married". I nervously laughed, but knew in my heart that is what I truly wanted. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Doug's Music:

Doug played some of his music at a local coffee shop on Saturday night. It was a beautiful setting and the music was wonderful. The main people in attendance were summer I think it was a fun group for Doug to perform for.

Our dear friend, Justin, made this wonderful video of the night. He captured it perfectly. Like he always does.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Recent Favorites:

- Blue Bell Ice-Cream
- Parking Wars and British Cooking Shows
- Lavender Soap
- Oreo's and Milk
- The Civil Wars

Friday, July 8, 2011

20 Weeks:

Dear Baby,

We got to go to the doctor today for your big scan. We saw your tiny heart beating, your blood flowing through your heart, the spinal cord, stomach, brain, and most importantly your face! We are not finding out if you are a boy or a girl until you are born, so we turned our heads during that part of the ultrasound. The doctor said that you are a doing well and growing normally. You weigh 14 ounces and you are currently breech...which made things a little difficult during the ultrasound, but we were just so happy to see your growing body. Seeing and hearing your heart beat is still our favorite part. We pray for that heart of yours a lot...and not just your physical heart.

People in public are now able to notice you. The nice man at the sandwich shop gave you a free cookie. It was specifically for you and not me. And then the nice lady at the grocery store told me that you were the cutest baby bump as I was walking by. It sure is nice to know that people can tell you are a baby and not just a few too many bean burritos. 

We love you so much. Keep growing and poking my belly [I really like it when you do that]. 

Love Forever, 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

19 Weeks:

I wanted you to see the new paint color in the living room, my growing belly, and my tired eyes from the past week. We have moved almost all of our belongings and so now comes the part of settling. My favorite boxes to move were the ones marked baby. We have no idea what the nursery will end up looking like. We just keep putting random things in the closet that we think we might want to use in there, so we will see what we come up with.

And my newest craving is Sonic ice water with lime.

This week, we also bought plane tickets to go to L.A. to visit Greg and Beth. We really wanted to visit them before we had a baby in our arms. Hopefully it will be easier for me to carry the baby in the belly than in my arms for this trip. We are planning lots of fun things and are so excited to get to see G & B's home. I guess some people might call this our babymoon. We are not really those people though.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sneak Peek:

New Dining Room
New Paint Color
New Table and Chairs.