Monday, May 16, 2011

This Past Week We:

1. Doug and I celebrated our three year anniversary. He took me out to a fancy dinner and I bought him a new microphone. Doug ordered duck for dinner and I had lasagna. We also enjoyed a cheese plate and a chocolate dessert. At one point Doug made me laugh really hard and I looked up and the waiter was waiting for me to finish laughing to ask a question.

I am thankful every single day to be married to Doug. [He is just so wonderful]

2. I spent time away this weekend with a group of ladies that live here at camp. We slept in, talked and talked, ate lots of food, took a boat ride, watched cable t.v., and enjoyed getting to know each other better. Doug spent some time this weekend doing man things with some of his man friends. They ate hamburgers, went to a demolition derby, and then ate more food.

3. We watched Social Network last night. I fell asleep half way through. Doug liked the story.

4. I only get a haircut about once every year. Today was that once every year.  Doug keeps looking at me and smiling. I think that means he likes it.

5. We drove into town and picked up our favorite pizza and brought it home for a late dinner. I will always love take-out pizza, especially from Fratelli's.

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