Monday, February 28, 2011

Oscar Night [Camp Style]:

We walked next door for the Oscar watch party. Justin and Russ made us homemade pizza and we crammed onto a couch and watched with some great friends. The Beswicks were here this past weekend and stayed around that night. Ben and Doug made me [and others] laugh the entire night.  We filled out ballots and Doug decided to make his own awards to give out. Some categories included best beard, most nasal-ey voice, best dressed, worst dressed, worst last name, best speech, and many more. The night ended with us tallying up the votes and Deedra handed out the trophies.

And, now we have a lot of movies that we need to see. First one up, The King's Speech.

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Mom Keena said...

I really must know who your winners were. Sounds like a fun time. We watched for the awards but then turned during the speeches. I had only seen one movie, Inception, and was glad it won something. Have you seen that one? I loved it!