Friday, February 11, 2011


Dear Sweetheart,
When I come out of the bathroom and I see you laying on my side of the bed getting it all warm for me, it makes my heart melt. Thanks for taking care of me perfectly.

Dear LOST,
I am glad we have you to help with the loss of Friday Night Lights. You are already much scarier and a bit more confusing, but I think we will like you also. Even though you have no Tim Riggins.

Dear Snoklahoma,
I have loved having you here, but we would like to be able to get our car out of our garage. So maybe you could start melting.

Dear Weekend,
I am so so so so so excited.


Bethany Keena said...

Dear Danae,
This is adorable.

Mom Keena said...

Dear Danae,
I love your letters. I love you.

Lauren said...

You guys are too cute! How about when I see my husband laying on my side of the bed I get upset b/c I think he is being a bed hog and I'll only have a tiny space to lay on. I guess that is what 8 year does to you. :) just kidding- about the 8 years part.