Monday, February 14, 2011

7 Valentines Days:

2004: Doug gave me a lollipop with a small card on it that had squirrels on the front. It said "I'm nuts for you"
2005: Doug made me a box with our pictures on it. I have been putting our love letters and love notes in it ever since.
2006: Doug sent me a mug with our pictures on it. It says "I promise to do my best, to never let you get mugged"
2007: ummm...We can't remember what we did this year. Dinner and flowers?
2008: I drove over to Norman and surprised Doug. We ate Thai food and watched movies.
2009: I opened our front door to find a large box and a red rose. The box was full of some of my favorite things.
2010: We drove to the middle of no-where Oklahoma and brought home our Valentine's puppy, Maxwell.
2011: Doug reserved a room for us at a fun, new hotel. We ate dinner in bed, stayed up too late, and slept in too late the next morning. We had doughnuts for breakfast and enjoyed good conversation and watching lots of cable t.v.


Mom Keena said...

2007 was the year that you both drove to Deerfield and surprised Dad and I with a gourmet Valentine's dinner of grilled tilapia and twice-baked potatoes. Remember?

Bethany Keena said...

There's something about that picture that comforts my soul. I love it. Happy Valentines Day sweet sister and brother (in-law)!