Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weezer Weekend:

This past weekend we made a whirlwind trip up to Chicago. Doug and his good friend were able to attend a special Weezer concert. They stood in the cold for hours, crammed into a tiny venue with 3,000 other people, and heard their favorite rock band rock. Two nights in a row. It was everything (and more) they had hoped for.

I stayed out in the suburbs and was my sisters 'date' to a wedding and watched movies and stayed at her house. We were only there two whole days, but we were able to see Bethany, go to Starbucks multiple times, find beautiful new black shoes at a thrift store, eat a Potbelly's sandwich, listen to Bethany's church choir sing, and pick up one nasty flu bug that has taken over Doug's body. [We hope and pray that is does not stay long and hope and pray that it does not want to come visit my body as well].

We realized on this trip that we have driven/visited the city of Chicago, Illinois for the past eight years. We always love visiting. Each trip is different and I feel like we see or do something new each time we visit. Chicago will probably always be my favorite big city. It is so wonderful.


Bethany Keena said...

so sad your husband is sick! :( so glad i was able to see you.

here is a blog i thought you might enjoy...it's just fun. http://www.copenhagencyclechic.com/

Bekah said...

Chicago is definitely my favorite city too! Hope your hubby feels better soon!

Steve said...

I hadn't even dared to dream such a concert could happen. And then it did. Twice.

Danae, thanks for letting Douglas come out and play for the weekend. Doug, thanks for rocking.