Monday, December 27, 2010

Castle Christmas:


Some of these things might not make sense to all of you. But they are things that I want to always remember from Castle Christmas 2010. And this is a great place to write down things that I do not want to forget them. I hope you don't mind. 

- Spending time with the siblings and mom at our home. We ate pizza downtown, reunited with some friends, played games, sat by the fire, shared our home and lives with them.

- Came back to Tulsa to find a beautifully decorated home, lots of food to be eaten, and classic Christmas movies to watch. 

- "Oatmeal"  "Oatmeal, you too" 

- " And sometimes Y"

- We drove to OKC to spend a day with dad and Julie. Our time consisted of eating lunch at McNellies, trying three different kinds of chili for dinner, playing Fact or Crap, Beth getting mad at Fact or Crap, petting a bunch of dogs, memorable family pictures, and a really fun car ride home. 

- We had good conversations about family, changes, children, marriage, and more.

- About 567 pots of coffee were consumed over this holiday.

- We had multiple family get-togethers. Let's count them: Dad & Julie, Mom, Breakfast with Grandparents from Dallas, Ladies dinner, Grandparents from Skiatook, Lunch with Gommie and Kenny, Christmas with the Clarks, and Aunt Camille's House. Whew. So many wonderful people at so many get togethers.

- Shoe shopping and antique store browsing.

- Christmas morning turnovers and pigs-in-a-blanket and ham and potatoes for lunch. 

- Spending all of Christmas days in our jammies. And the girls matching socks with capri jammie pants. 

- Cuddling under the super shock-y blanket with Jeanette and looking through cookbooks. 

- Laughing. laughing some more. and laughing until our sides hurt. 


ErinLee said...

So fun! Ok, I need to know what app you have on your phone that has all of those cute affects on all your pictures!

Love you bunches!

KillerB said...

This is a very good list.