Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sleepy Sunday:

We have been pushed to our max the past few weeks. Pushed so much that the other night we had a near fight over eye color. Seriously. Eye color.

So Sunday we slept almost all afternoon. Trying to recover and be together. It helped. New jobs might also help. And more afternoon naps with my sweetie would also help.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Man Day #3

Just when I thought the peak of Man Week 2010 had come and gone Maxwell had a brilliant idea. After clumsily climbing up on me and lovingly slobbering/biting my ear, Maxwell said, "What is the one thing this Man Week has been missing?"

My response, a blank stare.

Maxwell looked back at me.

Still silence.

I just looked at him...really looked at him.

And for the first, or possibly second, time I felt like Maxwell and I were totally in sync mentally and emotionally.

Still, I had no clue what Maxwell felt was missing from Man Week and frankly I was somewhat annoyed that he had waited until Wednesday night to bring it up.

Maxwell finally broke the silence and said those two words that would set the tone for the rest of the evening. "Sno. Cones."

BLAM. I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it sooner. I can't even count the times Maxwell has cried his eyes out as we drive past the Sno Cone stand on the corner while Danae and I just laugh and laugh and laugh at what a baby he is. So we decided to walk down the street and get some sweet frozen goodness.

Unfortunately the place was closed and on our way back we got in a pretty serious knife fight. To be honest I was less frightened by the neighborhood violence, and more frightened by the way Maxwell handled a blade...that kid has some serious moves. Note to self: Never cross Maxwell.


Man Day #3 got serious. But rest assured we will return for Man Day #4.

Thanks for the enchiladas Danae.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Man Day #2

Maxwell and I survived Man Day #1 and we made lots of plans for the rest of Man Week 2010. We decided to both make a list of 5 things we would like to do and then look at each others' list and merge the lists together to come up with a solid plan for our remaining days without the little lady around.Italic

Doug's list:
  • Eat all of the frozen pizza-ish items in the house.
  • Play freeze tag.
  • Make cupcakes and then decorate them with knives, guns and grenades.
  • Watch Serpico.
  • Swim/walk across the Arkansas river.

After looking at my list critically for several moments, Maxwell furrowed his brow and indicated he had a problem with #1 because we already did that a couple of hours into Man Week 2010. Maxwell also took issue with #5 because the Arkansas is awful dirty and Maxwell likes to "keep it clean."

Maxwell's list:

  • Get up sooper early and watch the sun rise.
  • Watch at least wun "chick flick," so we stay in touch with our feminine side.
  • Poop in the yard...more.
  • Walk to the cawfy shop and get the paper.
  • Eat a dead burd off the street.

The only problems I saw with Maxwell's list was that his spelling was less than spectacular, his suggestions all seemed pretty girly, and he successfully completed #5 on Sunday night...and again on Monday morning.

In order to keep all the faithful readers on the edge of their seats we will not reveal what 5 things ended up on the final list until after we have completed each thing.

Goodbye for now.

P.S. Before she left, my beautiful bride made some sweet frozen meals for me to heat/eat this week. Tonight's meal was a baked tortellini dish and it was AWESOME. Thank you darling.