Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nine Things to Do in 2009 Recap:

Well, friends. We were less than 50% on our things to do in 2009. Pretty pathetic if you ask me. We do have a good excuse though; we had to move halfway through 2009 and many of our tasks had to do with where we were living in Chicago.
4. Go to a Cubs baseball game.
We got to go with our dear friends and we sat in the freezing cold on Easter Sunday. The Cubs played the Brewers and I honestly cannot remember who won.
5. Have homemade pizza night.
We invited our dear Chicago friends over on Martin Luther King Jr. day. We made homemade pizza together and had a contest. I think sister Bethany won.
6. Play one game of chess together.
Doug and I played one time after he gave me lessons for a very long time. It was really not a very memorable game and I forgot to take a picture. But we really did play one game.
9. Snowboard in Montana.
Doug got to go with brother David when we were visiting my family for Christmas. They had a great day on the slopes with the fresh powder. Maybe next time I will try.

Things we failed to do:
1. Buy a shelf for our bathroom
2. Grow herbs in our window sill
3. Both read Pride and Prejudice
7. Ride Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
8. Finish ordering wedding pictures
Things we did not do because we moved: 1,2,7
Things we should have done but forgot: 3, 8
This evening we will work on our 10 things to do in 2010.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Couple Skate:

Last night we went ice skating downtown with our friends Eric and Ashley and Bailey and Rachel. We coupled skated and Doug crazy skated. I stood and held Rachel's hat while she skated fast. I prefer the slow, scoot and slide approach to ice skating. It was a very romantic moment with my skate partner. He was the best one out there on the ice and he kept me on my feet almost the entire night. And he can ice skate backwards.

After we were finished skating we walked over to Elote' . I ate four cups of salsa and about two baskets of chips. I ordered the Puffy Tacos [one veggie and one with chicken] and Doug ordered the smokin hott quesadillas.

Then we found our cars and headed to the Sullivan's for games and apple tart with spiced tea. The boys had coffee with their apple tart.

It was a perfectly wonderful winter evening.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Busyness:

Winter is one of our favorite seasons. It did not use to be this way for me, but I am enjoying this winter greatly. We are very busy this time of year which is okay and too be expected. Here are some things that have been taking our time lately:

1.) Toys for Tots @ The Church at BattleCreek:
I was in charge of buying over 5,500 toys for families this year. So I spent many hours and days in the Walmart check out lines. We had a big Christmas party, preaching, baptisms, and over 6,000 people on our campus. It was a truly amazing thing to be a part of. 450 salvations and 180 baptisms, in two days. Lots of precious faces and wonderful people.

2.) The Department of Human Services is taking up a lot of Doug's time now a days. He loves his job and he received a certificate the other day in his staff meeting. His boss told everyone that he doing a fabulous job! I am so proud of my super hard working husband.

3.) Wii sports: Sister Jeanette and Brother Brad blessed us with a Wii for Christmas this year. We were totally shocked and excited when they laid it on our lap. We have enjoyed playing tennis and bowling. [Have you ever played the 100 pin version of bowling? It might be my favorite]

4.) Dreaming of our new home. We will be moving in January to a duplex off of Brookside. It is quirky, clean, and in a fun location. I keep thinking of all the things I would like to buy for our new home and thinking of where to put what.

5.) Eating out. Too much. Because we have been so busy lately to cook. Some of the recent favorites are the flat bread melts at Subway, anything from Smashburger, and macaroni and cheese from Panera.

6.) Enjoying our daily commute together each day. I especially enjoy it because I hate to drive, so when I don't even have to drive very far to work that makes it all the better. And I like talking to Doug in the car to and from work.

7.) On-line Christmas shopping.

8.) Enjoying our couple friends that have moved to Tulsa in the past few months. We love having game nights and potlucks and being together!