Sunday, November 29, 2009


Doug and I made the trip to Poplar Bluff Missouri for Thanksgiving. We were greeted by our wonderful grandma who made us laugh many times, saved coffee in a mason jar, and continually captures my heart more and more. As a child you appreciate your grandparents in a much different way than when you are older. I treasure her and times we have together.

We were only there for a few days and then we headed back to Tulsa to rest and get some things finished before we head back to work tomorrow. We had a date night to Chick-fil-A, went to see this movie, slept in, drank americanos, and watched OU destroy OSU [that felt really good].

Last night we spent it at the Jone's house. We watched more football [Arkansas and LSU], ate warm oatmeal cookies and chips and salsa, and played rummy. Tonight we are going to the Odom's house for some more games and more times with people we love.

It has been a wonderful break. My mind has been free [for the most part] from work thoughts and I feel like it has been days since I have worked last. That is the definition of a break.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Do you work here?

At our church we do a massive Toys for Tots event. We give out toys to over 6,500 kids. Well, I am in charge of making sure each child gets a toy and hopefully it will be a toy that they will like. So today I was in Walmart filling up cart after cart after cart of toys. I had several people come up and ask me where certain items were located and many asked if I worked there. I told them all no and went on my way.

Then I looked down at my outfit. Blue shirt khaki pants. Of course they would think I worked there.

Friday, November 20, 2009

This Past Week We:

1. Had coffee and crumb cake with our good friend, Lonnie.
2. Doug now has a group of guys that play cards together. So, last night was card night for him. And go to bed early night for me.
3. Attended our first marriage conference. Our church hosted it and staff were encouraged to go, we really got more out of it then we thought we would.
4. Cousin Carlee's wedding shower.
5. Lunch at Ricardo's with Grandma and Grandpa from Dallas.
6. Dreamed and hoped for a call from Perry Properties on a little duplex right off of Brookside. We are still waiting and trying not to get too excited.
7. Played Skip-Bo and ate french bread pizza.
8. Doug cooked dinner: fresh fish, asparagus, and brown rice. [one of my all time favorite meals]
9. Talked to my sweet sister Bethany on the phone. [I miss her]
10. Came to the realization that it is finally time to fix my bad haircut and get a few new fall/winter wardrobe items.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Lunch Break:

Doug and I like to meet up for lunch. Yesterday we met at Subway. I had the veggie sub and he had the Itailian. We sat and talked and ate.

Then we walked down to the Barnes & Noble and looked at this book and this book. We left the store laughing and ready to tackle our afternoons at work.