Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Day Off:

I have worked the past thirty days with only two days off. Lots of fun events, grand openings, and meetings. All good stuff, but I need breaks and I need time at home. This really rang true when Doug told me the other day that he could not find any of his socks. They were all at the bottom of the hamper. The hamper of clean clothes that were washed two weeks ago that were never put away.

So, my wonderful boss told me I could take a day off this week. I eagerly took her up on the offer and took yesterday off. I felt so accomplished and I felt like a wife again.

- I cleaned our bathroom
- moved fall/winter clothes in and summer clothes out
- made homemade pasta sauce and chocolate chip cookies
- went grocery shopping
- did three loads of laundry
- slept until 9:30
- cleaned the kitchen

It really was the perfect day off. I feel so much better today. It is just good knowing that our bed is made at home and I know that Doug has clean socks and underwear again!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sibling Picture:

I love this picture so much. And I love these people so much. We will all be back together in December, and maybe I can talk them into taking another kissing picture!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Fun:

Today we had some of our dearest friends over to watch football. The Sullivan's brought a chocolate pie and a box of macaroni and cheese. The Jones' brought some frozen pizza, ginger ale, and IBC root beer. We made buffalo wings and had cheese and crackers. It was a pot-luck kind of lunch and we enjoyed being together.

The game did not turn out how we would have liked, but we did enjoy good conversation and a lazy Saturday afternoon together.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Busyness

Fall is here. It has been very cold here the last few weeks. We have been so busy that I have not even been able to unpack our fall/winter clothes yet. They are in the bottom of Jeanette's closest and in the garage. [Have I told you all that I am really ready to move into our own place].

We do have our comfy pants - Doug's green sweatpants and my yoga pants. And we do have plenty of blankets on the bed. Lots of warm coffee in our bellies and soup ready to be made.

Today I desperately need to clean the bathroom, do our laundry, make the bed, and get our winter clothes together. [Remember when I told you we were going to be busy. We have been so busy I have not even been able to clean the toilet. I hate that]