Monday, July 20, 2009

Yard Sale Reflections:

This past weekend we had a yard sale. It was a lot of work and very entertaining. Some moments that stand out.

1. A couple from Glenpool purchased four pairs of rainbow toe-socks (they belonged to Jeanette years and years ago), a Garfield poster that said "Well, duh?", and a fantasy computer game. You never know what people think they need.

2. A man came and decided to talk and talk and talk and talk. At one point he pulled up his shirt to show Doug his Tazmania Devil tatoo.

3. Two very large women drove by in their van and yelled out the window asking if we had any lawn ornaments. To which I replied, "Sorry, no we don't". She then preceeded to yell from her car asking if we had any china. I dragged a large box of china to her car window. She did not like it and drove off.

4. Yard sale evangelism is also quite popular now a days. A lady came up to me and said " I did not find anything that I needed, but can I leave you with this booklet?". It was a track magazine. My uncle Jack would have been so proud.

5. One lady walked up to the books and looked at us and asked, "Do you all have any of those books by Joel Osteen?" To which we replied, "No".

If you ever need some extra cash or just want some good entertainment, you should consider having a yard sale in Jenks, Oklahoma.


Eric and Ashley said...

I feel like these sorts of things only happen to you and Doug...

Mom Keena said... had china?!

Bethany Keena said...

susan had a garage sale this weekend too! Oh my! Next time we'll do ours in Jenks.