Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Growing Up

I feel like I just keep growing up. Becoming more and more of an adult and becoming more and more married to Douglas.

Last week we purchased our first car together. I sat in a chair in a smoke filled trailer and wrote a check out for $2,250.00 and paid for our first car. We are praying that she treats us well. We sure do love her a lot already. But buying a car is a rather adult thing to do.

Then we drove it for one day and figured that we should be responsible and get car insurance as soon as possible. So after work on Tuesday, Doug picked me up and we drove to the first insurance place that we saw. We found ourselves sitting in an AllState office with a nice man named Kirk. He had terrible motivational posters on the wall and a pair of shoes behind the door. While we were sitting there his mother called him to ask for his meatball recipe. I was sold on Kirk after that. I wrote another check for our first month's car insurance payment.

On Wednesday we decided that we needed to take care of our cell phone plans. We have been on separate plans for the past year. The current phone plans had finally expired, and we found ourselves sitting in Best Buy talking with a sweet lady. We walked out with two phones (one of them might just have been an iphone...and my precious husband might have let me have the nice phone and him keep the free phone) and a combined phone plan.

July 31st marks the last date of our current health insurance coverage. So tonight, we researched and found a nice, new health insurance plan. Good ol' Humana is going to hopefully be good to us.

It has been a rather big week of making good and responsible decisions. And tomorrow we plan on driving to Oklahoma City to visit Dad Castle and to eat some cupcakes at Cuppies and Joe.


Mom Keena said...

Wait, you're an adult now? Oh, yeah, that's right, you are! :)

Gary said...

It's good to be an adult...and you and Doung seem to be doing just fine.

Bethany Keena said...

I love that being an adult includes eating cup cakes. I've found it be a very important part! :) Love you!

Laur said...

Someday, when we move back to Tulsa, can you please please please hang out with Eric and Lauren McKinney? I think that would be great. No braincones this time.

Gary said...

I see I mis-spelled Doug. My bad