Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Four & Five:

Day Four:
Money Spent: $ 40.00 on Doug's eye appointment. Did I ever tell you that he hurt his eye when he was moving our belongings down from Illinois. He described it like he was looking through a jelly fish. It was a floater, and the eye doctor was not too concerned. He did have to go back this week for a follow-up appointment. Things still look fine and he has been released from the eye doctor!

Day Five:
Money Spent: $ 39.80 on gas. Yes, it costs that much to fill up our tank of a vehicle. But I had to get to work somehow. So this purchase was a necessity.

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Lauren said...

You guys are doing amazing!! Keep it up!!
PS... what the heck are you eating? I would have been to the store 3 times already!