Thursday, July 30, 2009

On Growing Up

I feel like I just keep growing up. Becoming more and more of an adult and becoming more and more married to Douglas.

Last week we purchased our first car together. I sat in a chair in a smoke filled trailer and wrote a check out for $2,250.00 and paid for our first car. We are praying that she treats us well. We sure do love her a lot already. But buying a car is a rather adult thing to do.

Then we drove it for one day and figured that we should be responsible and get car insurance as soon as possible. So after work on Tuesday, Doug picked me up and we drove to the first insurance place that we saw. We found ourselves sitting in an AllState office with a nice man named Kirk. He had terrible motivational posters on the wall and a pair of shoes behind the door. While we were sitting there his mother called him to ask for his meatball recipe. I was sold on Kirk after that. I wrote another check for our first month's car insurance payment.

On Wednesday we decided that we needed to take care of our cell phone plans. We have been on separate plans for the past year. The current phone plans had finally expired, and we found ourselves sitting in Best Buy talking with a sweet lady. We walked out with two phones (one of them might just have been an iphone...and my precious husband might have let me have the nice phone and him keep the free phone) and a combined phone plan.

July 31st marks the last date of our current health insurance coverage. So tonight, we researched and found a nice, new health insurance plan. Good ol' Humana is going to hopefully be good to us.

It has been a rather big week of making good and responsible decisions. And tomorrow we plan on driving to Oklahoma City to visit Dad Castle and to eat some cupcakes at Cuppies and Joe.

Friday, July 24, 2009

This Past Week We:

1. Had a dinner party with our friends Bailey and Rachel Jones. We had so much fun eating food from their garden, talking, playing darts, and enjoying their beautiful home.
2. Babysat our adorable nephew, Caden. (We are actually doing that at this very moment)
3. Made french bread pizzas and spinach salad. Top five favorite summer meals so far.
4. Cleaned, did three loads of laundry, and mowed the yard.
5. Doug turned in four more job applications for jobs. Lord willing, we will at least a call on one of these jobs. (p.s. job hunting is no fun)
6. Danae got a promotion, kind of. Danae will be working 30 hours a week and she will be the Children's Minister's assistant.
7. Went on a date. We drove all around Tulsa looking for houses to rent. We then ended up in a coffee shop with an over priced cupcake and two americanos. The cupcake was actually very terrible. But the date was really nice.
8. Then we decided we should play some skee ball at the local arcade. We played four games each. Our prize at the end of the night was a black mug with a skull and crossbones.
9. Doug started to read Nine Stories by J.D. Salinger and Danae started to read The Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingslover.
10. And we rented two movies from the RedBox down the street, Yes Man and Get Smart.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Yard Sale Reflections:

This past weekend we had a yard sale. It was a lot of work and very entertaining. Some moments that stand out.

1. A couple from Glenpool purchased four pairs of rainbow toe-socks (they belonged to Jeanette years and years ago), a Garfield poster that said "Well, duh?", and a fantasy computer game. You never know what people think they need.

2. A man came and decided to talk and talk and talk and talk. At one point he pulled up his shirt to show Doug his Tazmania Devil tatoo.

3. Two very large women drove by in their van and yelled out the window asking if we had any lawn ornaments. To which I replied, "Sorry, no we don't". She then preceeded to yell from her car asking if we had any china. I dragged a large box of china to her car window. She did not like it and drove off.

4. Yard sale evangelism is also quite popular now a days. A lady came up to me and said " I did not find anything that I needed, but can I leave you with this booklet?". It was a track magazine. My uncle Jack would have been so proud.

5. One lady walked up to the books and looked at us and asked, "Do you all have any of those books by Joel Osteen?" To which we replied, "No".

If you ever need some extra cash or just want some good entertainment, you should consider having a yard sale in Jenks, Oklahoma.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Last week we went to family camp. It was such a wonderful time of being all together with my family. I treasure the moments when we are all together, all 13 of us. We played all day and then at night Doug and I got to spend some precious moments with some of our dearest friends that live out at the Ranch. We stayed up too late each night, and woke up early each morning.

We are now back in Tulsa trying to recover. I had a meeting at church last night that lasted too long and I had to lead the devotional this morning at work. Work is not helping me recover fast enough. But tonight we are at home. Doug is socially maxed out, so he is laying on the couch reading. My throat is scratchy and my nose is runny, so I am drinking cold lemonade and blowing my nose. And I have a feeling that this will be an early to bed kind of night.

I do not mind the recovering process when it takes place after such a fun-filled weekend that was spent with the majority of my favorite people in the whole world.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Day Four & Five:

Day Four:
Money Spent: $ 40.00 on Doug's eye appointment. Did I ever tell you that he hurt his eye when he was moving our belongings down from Illinois. He described it like he was looking through a jelly fish. It was a floater, and the eye doctor was not too concerned. He did have to go back this week for a follow-up appointment. Things still look fine and he has been released from the eye doctor!

Day Five:
Money Spent: $ 39.80 on gas. Yes, it costs that much to fill up our tank of a vehicle. But I had to get to work somehow. So this purchase was a necessity.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Day Three:

Money Spent: $ 0
Money we wanted to spend: A few dollars on some ice-cold drinks. We went to the Starlight concert last night and it was rather warm. People surrounded us with cold ice water and soda. But we sat and drank our luke-warm water bottles and were satisfied in not spending the money. The concert was really fun. They had a traveling Air Force band perform all kinds of pieces. It was lovely.