Saturday, June 6, 2009


Summer is a really wonderful time of the year. We have been trying to eat dinner outside each night on the back deck. It is a little challenging considering the fact that we do not have a table outside. But we are determined. We sit with our toes tiped,our plates balancing on our knees, and glasses of water sitting on the deck.

We also enjoyed a night at Utica Square. It was really really packed the night we went. But the weather was wonderful and the music was great. We pretty much just sat there and took in all the sights and sounds.

Then the other night Sonic was giving away free root beer floats. So Doug, Karen, and I all loaded up into the car and drove down to Sonic. The drive home was pretty quiet as we all ate and drank our rootbeer floats.

Doug loves anything with wheels. He has an entire corner of the garage of all kinds of boards and bikes. The current favorite is the Ripstick. The other night he gave me Ripstick lessons. It was pretty entertaining.

And summer night walks are the best. We like to walk over to this housing development that has a large pond. We sit and watch all the fun creatures. The last walk we watched a whole herd of ducklings.


Bethany Keena said...

i hadn't checked your blog in awhile! so glad to read you are doing well. its too cold here today to sit outside, but the sun has been out lately. i miss you both!

Bekah said...

Have fun on the ripstick! My kids make it look soooo easy but I would just about kill myself trying!

Lauren said...

if you happen to see a golden retreiver in the pond with out an owner, can you please return him to my parents. It seems this happens a lot. ;) Glad you are enjoying summer- can we see a video or pics of Danae on the ripstick!?